Housing Medford Questionnaire 2023

To inform voters of candidates' views on local housing issues, members of Housing Medford's Elections Working Group designed this questionnaire for candidates that highlights several housing issues currently relevant to Medford.

The questionnaire was sent on Tuesday, September 19th, and candidates were invited to answer these questions and submit their answers via Google Form by midnight on Tuesday, October 3rd 2023 (Mayoral candidates by Tuesday, October 10th). All candidates except George Scarpelli confirmed receipt of the questionnaire.

Some questions were open-ended, and some had multiple-choice options where candidates could indicate their support. For the multiple-choice questions they were also given the option to explain more in a follow-up.

Housing Medford will not endorse any candidates this election cycle, but we hope this information can be useful for Medford voters. We extend our sincere thanks to all candidates who took time to complete the questionnaire!"